It all begins with the figure of Agustin Trigo Mezquita, a Valencian pharmacist known in his time as Dr Trigo.

In 1932 he created "La Naranjina" soft drink with little gas made from a concentrate of orange juice that tasted like glory, useful not only to combat thirst, but as a vitamin booster for the excellence of the orange, rich in vitamin C and very effective for constipation.

Such was his success that years later he would create the Trinaranjus and Orangina soft drinks sweeping Spain and France.

For many years and through Sagunto Street, where Dr. Trigo had his facilities, cars loaded with Valencian oranges would access the interior that would deposit their remains on the road, both as they gave off their perfume as well as their drip.

After many years, this great soft drink is manufactured again with Naranjas de Valencia